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  • Social Security Administrative Costs: a Receipe for Collapse Date:2011-08-15 16:40:48 Hits:92 Good:2

    OVERVIEW: As the nation awaits the second actuarial evaluation of the National Social Security Insurance Trust Act, 2001 an actuarial evaluation of the pension scheme is by law required every 3 years during the first ten years of the pensio...

  • It Contractor Insurance Matters Date:2011-08-15 16:40:45 Hits:104 Good:0

    Contractors are people or companies that enter into contracts with another companies or organizations for completion of particular goals. Generally, the term contract is applicable to builders and construction of a building or any other inf...

  • Choosing the Right Insurance Company Date:2011-08-15 16:40:41 Hits:80 Good:0

    Today choosing insurance policies may baffle anyone with little knowledge of the insurance policies in general. Equally, dozens of insurance companies may confuse a buyer. However, it is necessary that the buyer knows exactly what he is buy...

  • Family Dental Plan Insurance - Proper Dental Coverage for Ki Date:2011-08-15 16:40:38 Hits:177 Good:0

    When it comes to dental health of children, parents would try to do their best in protecting and giving them the best care possible. Thus, it would not be a wonder whenever insurance agents approach parents to offer health insurance coverag...

  • Insurance Credit Score - What is It? Date:2011-08-15 16:40:34 Hits:201 Good:0

    Insurance companies can use your credit history when you apply for new auto or home insurance. Here is some valuable information that will help you understand how insurance companies use your credit history. What is an insurance credit scor...

  • Find Great Dental Insurance - Cheap Low Cost Dental Insuranc Date:2011-08-15 16:40:30 Hits:61 Good:0

    There are many people who do not have dental insurance coverage and your teeth are going to suffer from it. There are many options for you if you need to get your teeth fixed or maybe you need to just get a cleaning. Having regular dental c...

  • Disability Insurance 19 - Understand Individual Disability I Date:2011-08-15 16:40:27 Hits:80 Good:0

    Rates charged will vary as to gender and smoking status. The classification may vary between companies and the number of classifications may vary from as few as five to twenty or more.Occupations are grouped into classification and under wr...

  • SME Insurance Date:2011-08-15 16:40:25 Hits:126 Good:0

    No owner of a small to medium sized enterprise likes paying for insurance; it’s an expensive, regular outgoing of hard earned money, for which there are no immediate results.  The constant references to “protection” are also enough t...

  • Corporate Surety Bonds – Should Obligees be Concerned About Date:2011-08-15 16:40:23 Hits:80 Good:0

    US construction contractors depend on the surety industry to provide the Performance and Payment bonds routinely required on contracts with municipalities, the state or federal government.  The purpose of the bond is to protect the interes...

  • Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85 - Review & Compar Date:2011-08-15 16:40:22 Hits:197 Good:0

    Looking for information on Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85?  It's important to invest in a good life insurance policy to ensure the well being of your loved ones.  During times of trouble, an adequate life insurance plan can assist you...

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