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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") is an integral part of Chinese culture. It has made great contributions to the prosperity of China. Today both of TCM and western medicine are being used in providing medical and health services in China. TCM, with its unique diagnostic methods, systematic approach, abundant historical literature and materials, has attracted many attentions from the international community. TCM is well recognized for its remarkable effectiveness in setting the side effect caused by the toxic and chemical treatment of cancer cases in the western medical system.

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TCM delivers effective means of treatments for a wide range of chronic conditions, including pain management, arthritis, obesity, Bell's palsy, chemo-resistant late stage cancer, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue and stroke rehabilitation. It also helps patients to improve their lifestyle to prevent diseases. visa insurance

Traditional Chinese Medicine has the advantages as followed:

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  • Predicting occurrence, nature, trends of diseases is unique for the Practicability of TCM
  • Not only preventing diseases, but also paying attention to health care
  • Traditional non-drug therapy can be used in health care and treatment, which is unique of TCM
  • TCM specializes in treatment of chronic diseases, geriatric diseases and incurable diseases
  • The largest advantage of TCM is to treat acute diseases and prevent Exogenous Heat
  • TCM is simple, inexpensive, safe and durable

The TCM has built its reputation throughout the long history of China on its uniqueness and holistic approach. The whole world can benefit from its comprehensive and integrated care for wellness as well as treatment for future intractable disease. Termlife Insurance

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