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Travelling times to get to work

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We're just considering whether to live in Puxi or Pudong (our kids are likely to go the British International School). My husband is going to need to get from where we live to Hongqiao Railway Station to get a fast train to it possible to get on the metro near Pudong (or is there even a metro stop near????) to get to Hongqiao station and, if so, how long would that take?

I guess what I'm really trying to figure out is whether living in Pudong is feasible or will my husband spend his whole life on the train?

Also, Puxi/Pudong................closest compounds to the British school is???? Can we walk to school? I'd love to be able to do that with the kids...........we live in the desert at the mo, and 50+ degrees makes that impossible.

One more thing, if we have the option would you go with a driver and car or car of your own or a bit of both ?

Thanks, in advance, for any help!!!|||Here's the a map of the metro:

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Using the metro from Pudong to HQ Railway Station is minimum 40 minutes.

|||You will live in Pudong or Puxi, actually that doesn't really matter when your husband will be working in Jiangsu province!!!
The 40 minutes on a metro from Pudong to Hongqiao station will not matter considering working in Danyang!
Look at the post above me, i don't think your husband will be doing that more then 1 day!!!|||Ummm, thanks! So are you saying, living in Shanghai at all is not a viable option if he is working in Jiangsu or that Puxi is the choice to live???|||
FamilyG wrote:Ummm, thanks! So are you saying, living in Shanghai at all is not a viable option if he is working in Jiangsu or that Puxi is the choice to live???|||The work place is 5mins from the station in Danyang......................thanks for the heads up!|||Doesn't really matter if Puxi or Pudong.

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The 40 minute metro ride was the minimum ride time from the border between Pudong and Puxi. If you live further in, you will easily spend an hour in the metro, before reaching HQ.

If you lived right next door to HQ Railway, he would still have to spend close to 2 hours each way.

I did a similar travel earlier. We originally planned I would leave Shanghai every Sunday afternoon/early evening, and come back every Friday evening.
It worked ok for 3-4 weeks, then it became annoying..

If I were you guys, I'd check for international schools in Danyang instead. Live there. Or check the travel time from Nanjing to Danyang instead.

BTW, driving by car from Pudong to HQ will not shorten the time one bit... Driving yourself will make you nuts..|||I would say that commuting from anywhere in Shanghai daily would be tough. Commuting from Nanjing would be realistic. I'm not sure how the family would feel about that though.|||We've looked at it.............there's an international school there............what would life be like there? What kind of accommodation would be available? Apartments or houses?|||

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