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  • Healthway Medical Center (Jinqiao) Date:2011-07-12 20:40:09 Hits:209 Good:23

    Character: Non-Public Specilized Clinic Profile: Healthway Medical Center (Jinqiao) provides international standards of medical care in Shanghai under the organizational umbrella of Healthway Medical Corporation Limited, Singapores largest...

  • Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to the Fudan University Date:2011-07-12 20:38:02 Hits:131 Good:3

    Profile: Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to the Fudan University was established in 1937, it is the one of the top tertiary general hospital hospitals in China. After 7 decades of development, the number of annual outpatient and emergency vis...

  • Huadong hospital affiliated to Fudan University Date:2011-07-12 20:37:36 Hits:131 Good:2

    Profile: Huadong hospital affiliated to Fudan University was established in 1951. It is a tertiary general hospital, charactered as cadre health care and geriatric medicine. There are 1200 beds, 42 clinical and medico-technical departments,...

  • Tongji Hospital of Tongji University Date:2011-07-12 20:34:48 Hits:213 Good:2

    Profile: Tongji Hospital of Tongji University locates in Pu Tuo District in Shanghai. As the only Grade III A comprehensive hospital in this district, it is concentrated with medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prophylactic...

  • Shanghai children's hospital Date:2011-07-12 20:33:51 Hits:141 Good:0

    Profile: The shanghai children's hospital is a Grade ⅢA hospital which include a set of medical care, health, teaching and research and rehabilitation of children, it was established by Famous experts Fu wenshou and the father of modern c...

  • Wooridul Hospital Shanghai Date:2011-07-12 20:33:24 Hits:146 Good:0

    Profile: Wooridul International Spine Hospital (WISH) is set up by Korea Wooridual International Spine Hospital and Tianjin Tasly Pharmacy. Open on Jan.1st,2009. WISH services stretch over a wide variety of physiotherapeutic options includi...

  • SinoUnited Health Jinqiao Clinic Shanghai Date:2011-07-12 20:32:09 Hits:180 Good:4

    Profile: SinoUnited Health was established in 2004 by American physicians. It is an extension of a New York based practise. Sinounited Health is currently the only medical centre of its kind operating in China. At SinoUnited Health they foc...

  • Shanghai Raffles Medical Center Date:2011-07-12 20:31:21 Hits:210 Good:2

    Profile: With the opening of our first medical centre in Shanghai, Raffles Medicals unique brand of quality healthcare is now available in China. Raffles Medical Shanghai is a premiere one-stop medical centre offering an array of medical se...

  • Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center Shanghai Date:2011-07-12 20:29:13 Hits:127 Good:1

    Profile: Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center was established in 1931, which is the earliest oncology hospital in China. It is the only specific hospital with two clinic medical centers: the breast...

  • Direct-billing Shanghai hospitals Date:2011-07-12 20:26:35 Hits:164 Good:2

    Hospital List 1.Raffles Medical Center 莱佛士医疗中心 2.SinoUnited Health Jinqiao Clinic 盛和红枫康复医学门诊部 3.SinoUnited Health Gubei Clinic 盛和康复医学门诊部 4.Wooridul Hospital 我立德医院 5.Shanghai ch...

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