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Shanghai children's hospital

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  • Profile: The shanghai children's hospital is a Grade ⅢA hospital which include a set of medical care, health, teaching and research and rehabilitation of children, it was established by Famous experts Fu wenshou and the father of modern children's nutrition--Shu zuwen in1937. In 1953 renamed to shanghai children's hospital and in 2003 become a shanghai jiaotong university affiliated children hospital. Hospital has 1.59 hectares and 25000 square area, 300 pieces of beds, Staff than 780 ,over 1 million outpatients per-year and inpatients more than 15,000.The new hospital in Pu tuo Chang Feng ecological District will be open in 2010, it has 550 pieces of beds. Special service clinic: It was established in october 2002. The outpatient department is include features specialist, kidney, cardiovascular, respiration, digest, neurology, endocrine, urology, orthopaedics, nutrition, heredity,ext except the vip clinic.
  • Address: 1st Floor of VIP building, No 24, Lane 1400 West Beijing Road, Jing‘an District, Shanghai, 200040
  • Telephone: 021-62474880ext85101(outpatient)

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