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  • Shanghai Famous Hospitals and Experts for TCM Date:2011-07-24 22:55:10 Hits:168 Good:6

    In China, TCM is under the administration of State Administration of TCM and Pharmacology. National strategies, law and regulations governing TCM are now in place to guide and promote the research and development in this promising industry....

  • Shanghai PLA 455 Hospital Date:2011-07-24 22:29:52 Hits:150 Good:5

    PLA 455 hospital has a over 70-years history, which is a general hospital involving with research, education and medical care. As one of the highest-level medical teaching and research centers, PLA 455 hospital enjoys a good reputation amon...

  • Changzheng Hospital Date:2011-07-24 22:27:55 Hits:98 Good:3

    Shanghai Changzheng Hospital is one of the largest and best-known hospitals. It is a university hospital of the Second Military Medical University, one of the six most prestigious medical schools in China. The hospital was founded in 1900 a...

  • Changhai Hospital Date:2011-07-24 22:27:04 Hits:179 Good:8

    Changhai hospital is a large general teaching hospital, with medical practice, teaching and scientific research integrated, including 26 clinical treatment departments, 10 medical technology departments,14 clinical teaching and research dep...

  • List of hospitals in China Shanghai Date:2011-07-14 01:39:38 Hits:114 Good:1

    Renji Hospital Ruijin Hospital Shanghai Children's Hospital Shanghai First People's Hospital Shanghai Second People's Hospital Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital Shanghai Eighth People's Hospital Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital Shanghai Inte...

  • China Hospital List Date:2011-07-14 01:38:50 Hits:135 Good:10

    Bayley and Jackson Medical Centre No. 7 Ritan Dong Lu Chaoyang District Beijing 100020 China Tel: + 86 10 8562 9998 Fax: + 86 10 8561 4866 Beijing International (SOS) Clinic Building C, BITIC Leasing Center, No 1 North Road Xin Fu San Cun,...

  • International Marine Medical Insurance Date:2011-07-13 20:16:47 Hits:82 Good:0

    International Marine Medical Insurance Worldwide Group Coverage for Professional Marine Crew International medical insurance for marine crew requires provisions not met by many companies. International Marine Medical Insurance (IMMI) was de...

  • Find a Provider / PPO Network Date:2011-07-13 18:24:20 Hits:204 Good:8

    Among the variety of services provided by My IMG is the ability to quickly search for a hospital or doctor of your choice. When seeking treatment in the U.S., you have access to the independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), a separ...

  • IMG global Patriot T.R.I.P. travel Insurance Date:2011-07-13 18:18:58 Hits:109 Good:2

    Designed to provide essential coverage for trip cancellation, travel and baggage delays, and emergency medical treatment. Highlights: $20,000 coverage for trip cancellation/interruption $10,000 coverage for emergency medical/dental expenses...

  • IMG has dedicated its efforts to medical insurance Date:2011-07-13 18:17:36 Hits:198 Good:1

    For more than 20 years, IMG has dedicated its efforts to providing internationalmedical insurance, travel insurance and impeccable serviceto the international community. It's our specialty. We realize that traveling abroad can be an excitin...

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