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Shanghai PLA 455 Hospital

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PLA 455 hospital has a over 70-years history, which is a general hospital involving with research, education and medical care. As one of the highest-level medical teaching and research centers, PLA 455 hospital enjoys a good reputation among PLA and the general people for its outstanding clinical achievements and excellent services.

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There are 750 beds and 44 senior medical technical personnel in the hospital at present. The hospital has 25 clinical departments and 36 majors, such as department of plastic surgery, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of male disease, department of cypridopathy, department of infertility, surgery,radiology department. The stem cell transplantation center, thoracic surgery, nephrology are key departments. Healthcare insurance

PLA 455 Hospital is equipped with various advanced diagnostic and therapeutic instruments, such as CT, PET-CT, ESWL, B-Ultrasonic machine, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, laparoscope, hemodialysis machine, CCU, etc. Healthcare insurance

The hospital can do such difficult operations as blood stem cell transplantation, stem cell transplantation for diabetes, huge mediastinal tumor resection, heart valve replacement.

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National stem cell engineering and technological research center medical transformation base was official launched in 455 hospital. The base is the first stem cell engineering technological clinical study base abroad and home which combines scientific research, academic study and medical treatment. The research, development and application of stem cell have a important scientific significance and a prospect of application. The base can transform the latest stem cell research achievement into clinical application. Now the base has operated stem cell transplantation treatment to type 1 diabetes, cell treatment to liver disease, stem cell treatment to solid tumor, never system disease, etc. Now stem cells transplantations are making much progress in treating diabetes and its complications.

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The base not only had the formal stem cell technology development procedures, but also established the important international technological platform for many industries and widely cooperated with the academic institutions of France, the US, and Japan.

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