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  • AXA-Minmetals InterGlobal Medical Plan for Individuals Propo Date:2011-11-06 19:57:07 Hits:122 Good:5


  • Shanghai-BUPA Global Medical Insurance Buying Date:2011-11-06 19:49:39 Hits:199 Good:5

    Bupa Worldwide Medical Insurance Benefit Level of cover Staying in hospital overnight or as a day-case Paid in full Parent accommodation Paid in full Nursing care Paid in full Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings Paid in full In...

  • Pregnant in Shanghai (general issues) Date:2011-08-01 21:13:12 Hits:131 Good:0

    searched through the previous posts regarding pregnancy in shanghai and found that most of them are from 2005 .... Would be great if there are other moms-to-be in town and if we could exchange information on hospitals etc..... And I actually...

  • Dental Cosmetics - Bleaching/Whiting Date:2011-08-01 21:13:08 Hits:115 Good:0

    Where can I get my teeth bleached? How much does it cost here in shanghai?|||Hiya, I am doing mine at DDS in Pudong for 1500RMB.|||Is it safe and do they have a website or telephone number?

  • Dermatologist for a nails issues? Date:2011-08-01 21:13:05 Hits:142 Good:0

    Hello everyone, Someone told to look for a Dermatologist for any nails issues, is it right? if so can you recommend a good one or perhaps someone have had any experience before? The issue is: nails must fall off and grow up again new ones as...

  • good clinic specialized preferably in skin problem Date:2011-08-01 21:12:59 Hits:214 Good:0

    Dear Forum, my gf's toe nail is deformed and probably infected with fungus and thus needs to be taken care of professionally . Would you please recommend a professional clinic or a hospital that can address this in the right way. English spe...

  • Health Care in Shanghai Date:2011-08-01 21:12:53 Hits:207 Good:0

    Hi, I will be moving to shanghai in April for work. Interested in medical insurance and where the best place is for treatment. Coming in from Boston. What do you think about Huashan hospital?? I understand there is new facility being built i...

  • Where can I get Stabilised Oxygen/Sodium Chlorite/MMS here? Date:2011-08-01 21:12:49 Hits:157 Good:0

    Hi, Wondered if anyone knew where I can get this. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement. Thanks...

  • BREAST CANCER check-up (mammography) Date:2011-08-01 21:12:45 Hits:154 Good:0

    Hi all, Could one of you kindly recommend any expat OR local hospital wich provided you with good (human) price and excellent service (thorough examination)? It would be great if you could aslo mention the cost (my international insurance de...

  • Kidney Stones! Date:2011-08-01 21:12:42 Hits:121 Good:0

    I got lots of rocks in me! No, not in my head and not in my trick or treat bag but in my kidneys! Anyone got suggestions? Cranberry juice is out because Carrefour only stocks it sometimes. I was hoping like some sonic treatment or something....

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