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Green tea

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   How often do you drink green tea in a day? If we drink more than the required # of glasses. will it harm?|||I only drink green tea when offered, never by personal choice|||I love green tea. Drinking it now.
The following from wikinow:

Don't drink green tea when it's scalding hot or when it turns cold. The ideal temperature for drinking tea is between 56 to 62 degree Celsius. Drinking tea that's scalding hot is harmful to the digestive system, while cold tea is "damp" and gathers phlegm. Leave freshly brewed tea for a while and you'll notice that its colour darkens and its fragrance fades. Like an apple that turns brown, tea compounds lose their potency through oxidation.
"Never drink tea that has been left overnight", Grandma says. She's right; nutrients like Catechins, Theanine, and vitamins C and B diminish over time. Leave it even longer and bacteria starts to breed.
Don't over-brew your tea. The chemical composition of the brew changes with each infusion. Over-brewed tea tastes bitter. Healthcare insurance
Don't drink too much! The United Kingdom Tea Council recommends drinking not more than 6 cups of tea a day. Drinking too much green tea can cause caffeine intolerance and minerals overdose.
Don't drink tea on empty stomach or with meals. Drinking tea on empty stomach cause "coldness" to enter the lung and stomach system. On the other hand, there are good "Western" reasons why one should avoid drinking tea with meals:
Tea reduces the absorption of non-heme iron, causing problems to those prone to iron deficiency anemia.Tea reduces the absorption of thiamine, or vitamin B.|||drink almost everyday but i prefer the japanese type.|||I find it's an aquired taste. I used to find it quite hard to drink and rather strong. I tried a few before i found a green tea i really enjoyed. Being English we like to add milk to our black tea. I drink about 3-4 tumblers of green tea a day so i guess i am within limits. Sometimes i have just hot water to keep warm, it's been getting quite cold recently. Termlife Insurance

To be safe i like to try and do things in moderation, except alcohol on a Saturday night :)|||Only drink green tea when at kaiten sushi (sushi on convey belt) usually in Japan otherwise i don't drink it. I prefer black tea with dash of milk probably get through 6~8 decent size mugs a day....its a bit much. I reduced my coffee intake and replaced with tea not sure which is better. With coffee use to get heart palpitations ....maybe too much caffine but with black tea don't get them so guess caffine content is lower?|||Green tea has high level of antioxident properties but not good with food because some of the properties lock with micro nutrients like Iron and prevent absorbtion.
Drink more glasses of water than tea.

Tea stains teeth. Expecially black tea.|||Switched from coffee to black tea years ago and eventually from black tea to green tea. Still love the occasional coffee or black tea with milk but drink green tea all day everyday. I probably drink too much but I really love the stuff.|||

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