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Pregnant in Shanghai (general issues)

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   searched through the previous posts regarding pregnancy in shanghai and found that most of them are from 2005 ....

Would be great if there are other moms-to-be in town and if we could exchange information on hospitals etc.....

And I actually also have 2 specific questions :wink:
- iam now in the 12th week and so far my ob/gyn has not made any urin tests - is this normal in shanghai? (apparently in europe/staates its done with every visit)

- does anybody know if a mother-child-pass is being issued (or is this maybe only a european thing?)

thanks in advance and a good day|||Bonalisa,
Firstly congratulations. I am 26 weeks + pregnant with my 3rd child. My daughter was born in France and son here in shanghai at the International Peace Maternity. When I was pregnant with my son, my obgyn at the shanghai East did not do urine tests but when I transferred over to Intl Peace, urine test is standard. It is the same now for my 3rd. Maybe it depends on the doctor and hospitlal / clinic. global insurance

As for the mother-child pass, I am not sure what this is so can't help you there. If you have any other queries, feel free to PM or ask here, I am sure there are enough of us around to help answer your questions.

esther|||Bonalisa, congratulations :-)
I dared to answer this eventhough I am not mom to be anymore, our daughter is 3mths old, was born at Worldlink here in shanghai.

About the urine tests: I started my visits at American Ob/Gyn (Hua Shan Hospital) and changed to Worldlink, and at both places the urine test was standard.

And, I am European, but I don't know the mother-child pass... sorry...|||I'm pregnant - my OB is at shanghai United and I always have urine tests..... not sure if that helps. Also, there is a yahoo group called shanghai Mamas, which is I think exactly what you're looking for. There is also a group called Moms in Pudong. VIP insurance ... EwMTM3MDQ-|||I had my baby in August at World Link. I think I peed in a cup at every apt. That tests for sugar in the urine (right?) which is important to track and I believe a standard of ACOG and European OB standards.

I would be a little hesitant if your doctor isn't doing this.

I ended up having an emerg. c-section and everything went really well. I was very happy with the service and care. Feel free to contact me with other questions.|||Hi, I am 30 weeks pregnant now and my obgyn is at American-Sino which does the urine tests at every visit. You could also request for a 4-D ultrasound scan too at every visit (free-of-charge if you are on a package basis).

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