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cant sleep!!--sleep cycle disrupted-need sleeping tablets!!

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   It is 3.05AM as I write this, and I am unable to sleep--my sleeping cycle/pattern is seriously disrupted.

All the previous day I had a constant dull throbbing headache, and despite taking some headache tablets,
had been unable to sleep. This is the first time I think that this is ever happened to me in the years I have been here. There is a stress component to this as well.

I need to be able to get some sleeping tablets. Can I get any strong ones over the counter? What name do they go by-English and Chinese? Or do I need to go to see an expensive medico and get a prescription?
eg.the foreigner's section of Hua Shan Hospital--will they supply me with any?

Any members here have any similar experience? Were you able to get any sleeping tablets?

Thanks.|||Same here. Cannot sleep, then Im deadly tired at work, so I try to go sleep earlier like for example 22.00, then I wakes up around 24.00 ...
Haven't found remedy, but watched bunch of movies so far :]|||me too but what to do is go to bed at 9-10pm and sleep what you can global insurance

if you wake up in the middle - get up and do something online - then go back to bed again at 4pm or whatever|||dont take sleeping tablets. you need to make some changes to your diet or lifestyle. sleeping tablets are very bad for your health. always try to solve a problem rather than mask over it with drugs.|||need-sleeping-pills-t94044.html|||
BONNIE wrote:me too but what to do is go to bed at 9-10pm and sleep what you can
if you wake up in the middle - get up and do something online - then go back to bed again at 4pm or whatever|||I had sleep problem for years... and took sleeping pills.... then I had to take pain killer to combat side affect of having headache... very bad.... Recently my friend gave me Rice Germ Oil tablets. Without any expectation, I took them... To my surpise, I drop dead sleep like a baby.. for the first time in long time. It continued.. What surprised me most was not just I fall off to sleep but how I wake up in the morning.. so fresh! After I finish 2 bottles of rice germ my friend gave me, I bought differnt brand rice germ locally. It's not super effective as the one my friend game me but it still works to some extend. My friend explain to me that it is a difference in how much Gamma Oryzanol contains... I'm no medical expert..and I'm not here to sell any products or brand. I just wanted to share with you my medical disaster experience with sleeping pills and effect of rice germ.. Pleasse think twice about taking sleeping pills. Take care and wish you'll find solution.|||Sleep cycles are also affected by how much light you get during the day, as light affects the release of hormones related to feeling acitve and sleepy. Bright light signals your body to become active, less light is a signal to rest. This means that when your sleep cycle is disturbed (eg jetlag) you can help reset it with light.

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