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good clinic specialized preferably in skin problem

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   Dear Forum,

my gf's toe nail is deformed and probably infected with fungus and thus needs to be taken care of professionally. Would you please recommend a professional clinic or a hospital that can address this in the right way. English speaking not mandatory required.

Thanks a bunch in advance.


Mathias|||Image|||^I disagree Marakanis. I've had friends take pills by mouth for their toenail fungus and it worked for them. I haven't heard of anyone having to have their toenail pulled off for a fungus infection.|||Image|||She will need Lamisil or Sporanox pills or their equivalents here. There is also a topical treatment, where she will need to file the nail everyday and apply a coating of the meds. It will take about 6 months, or until the infected portion of the nail grows out and cannot drink while on the oral meds. I have never heard of needing to have it surgically removed, unless there is a major infection maybe.|||There are a number of treatments available for fungal infections of the toes if that is the correct diagnosis of course! Removing the nail usually does not get rid of the infection and the new toenail will grow back the same (or worse) The infection is often into the nail bed. Termlife Insurance
Anway, I am sure you have sufficient information about this, but you were asking where to go fro professional help. Probably the best location for a good dermatologist would be Huashan Hospital, one of the best in shanghai in the local system that is conveniently located. But be prepared for a long wait and a very short consultation, probably with little conversation and description of what to expect etc etc. A very different approach, and they may not necessarily have the same medications that you would get in some other countries. Also be prepared for a long haul, this type of lesion does not heal in a day, or week or month as stated above.|||
Marakanis wrote:Just to warn you, 9 times out of 10 the treatment is to pull the nail off. =(

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