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  • Travel Medical Insurance Plans Date:2011-08-01 12:09:41 Hits:105 Good:2

    Travel Guard insurance plans offer travel medical expense and emergency evacuation coverage for international and domestic trips. Travel Guard offers travel medical expense and emergency evacuation coverage that can help in a medical emerge...

  • Travel Medical Insurance Date:2011-08-01 12:08:39 Hits:141 Good:3

    Travel Medical Insurance reimburses you for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling or living in a foreign country. Compare the different plans available via the matrix below and use the links at the bottom to check price...

  • Jose Carmona is back in Hong Kong at El Sotano School of Fla Date:2011-07-31 20:31:03 Hits:232 Good:41

    Dear Members and Friends, we would like to inform you about the presence of Jose Carmona in Hong Kong, from 18th to 27th February 2011, at El Sotano School of Flamenco. Dear Members and Friends, We would like to inform you about the presenc...

  • Flamenco is a Spanish dance with origins in Andalucia Date:2011-07-31 19:26:10 Hits:152 Good:8

    About Flamenco Flamenco is a Spanish dance with origins in Andalucia. Flamenco is a term that refers both to a musical genre , known for its intricate rapid passages, and a dance genre characterized by its audible footwork. The origins of t...

  • The history of tango began in Buenos Aires Date:2011-07-31 19:23:24 Hits:99 Good:2

    The history of tango began in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late 19th century. The dance started in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires taking place in the periphery of the city, bars, cafes and courtyards. Then tango took the next s...

  • about shanghai medical tourism inc Date:2011-07-24 22:34:38 Hits:73 Good:33

    About Us SHMTPPP is the official portal site of medical tourism in China, supported and granted by multi government agencies with Guide Funds for Service Industry Development by Shanghai Municipal Development Reform Commission. Led by Shang...

  • Getting Insurance in the U.S Date:2011-07-23 15:46:36 Hits:171 Good:2

    In the United States, if you deliver your child without insurance, hospital expenses can get very high. Therefore, if you dont have insurance, government aid is available. In California, medical aid is available through the AIM for low inco...

  • Huashan Worldwide Medical Center Expert Date:2011-07-12 18:40:21 Hits:214 Good:3

    Recommended Expert Gu JingWen Internal Specialist Medical Director of Huashan Worldwide Medical Center Clinic Time:please make an appointment SPECIALISTS FOR APPOINTMENT Department MON. AM MON. PM TUE. AM TUE. PM WED. AM WED. PM THUR. AM...

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Date:2011-07-12 18:39:05 Hits:176 Good:1

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year!...

  • The Grand Opening Ceremony Of Brand-new Out-patient Clinic Date:2011-07-12 18:37:47 Hits:70 Good:1

    In this season of warm and pleasant spring, Huashan Worldwide Medical Center is celebrating the grand opening ceremony of the new clinic. Huashan Worldwide Medical Center was established in the early stage of reform and opening up and one o...

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