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Getting Insurance in the U.S

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In the United States, if you deliver your child without insurance, hospital expenses can get very high. VIP insurance

Therefore, if you don’t have insurance, government aid is available. In California, medical aid is available through the AIM for low income families. Healthcare insurance

With proper identifications, you can find out if your family qualifies for AIM. However, admission into the program is not guaranteed. (Usually, at least one person in the family must be an American citizen or permanent resident.)

visa insurance

However, as per the U.S. immigration policy, if you arrive in the U.S before your 32nd week of pregnancy, you can easily apply for aid through a Korean medical center.

Healthcare insurance

Alternatively, a couple can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. However, since this is a legal matter, we cannot provide specific information.

VIP insurance

If you would like to learn more, please contact an emigration lawyer. Under California’s AIM program, the co-pay for delivery is around $500 to $800, depending on income. In addition, continuous health care is available for your family after giving birth. visa insurance

Medical service is also available for those without insurance.

visa insurance

If you apply for medical insurance, there may be problems when acquiring citizenship or permanent residentship, so only those who are already citizens or permanent residents should apply for insurance.

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This is also why it is suggested to apply for insurance under the name of the child to be born, since he or she will be born a citizen. Travel Insurance

If yours is a low income family, there may be restrictions to some benefits, but with the assistance of a good immigrant lawyer, it’s possible to succeed in obtaining good insurance and eventually, permanent residentship. Travel Insurance

If you are pregnant  
  Please find a pediatrician and obstetrician in your area.

Termlife Insurance

You can easily find a good doctor, as there are many pre-natal care centers in Los Angeles.

global insurance

These places offer general medical care for up to 10 months after pregnancy. Your obstetrician will care for you until you are ready to deliver your child. Healthcare insurance

Your doctor will then refer you to the hospital where your baby will be born.

medical insurance

You can also choose from a variety of excellent hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles area. -Good Samaritan Hospital – The Korean wing offers seaweed soup -Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital – The Korean wing offers seaweed soup -White Memorial Hospital – Most recently built, no Korean wing, but a variety of American foods are available. visa insurance

Your obstetrician can also perform a c-section at the time of delivery .

global insurance

 Estimated Delivery Expenses 
  The following is an estimate of the cost of delivery without insurance. medical insurance

1. The base expense can range from $3000 to up to $5000, though a discount is possible. Assuming a cost of $5000, at a 10% discount, the base cost of delivery could be $4500. At the low end, it’s possible to find a delivery room for $2000 to $3000, but most of these places are sub-par, and the quality of service can be determined by the price. Healthcare insurance

2. Medical tests during early pregnancy run at about $150 medical insurance

3. Second-Trimester deformity and blood tests are about $150 Additional medical services can cost up to $1000, depending on the procedure.

visa insurance

Combining average hospital bills, the total cost of delivery comes to about $6803 + $1374 + $1000(optional procedures) from which 40% can be discounted if paid within 30 days, 30% if paid without 60 days, after which there is no discount available. global insurance

$6803 pays for the services to the mother and $1374 for the child. Termlife Insurance

The $6803 must be paid, but it’s possible to have the $1374 covered by insurance.

VIP insurance

If you apply for the child’s insurance within 5 days after birth, your insurance provider may cover the baby’s hospital bills.

Termlife Insurance

After applying for insurance, contact the hospital for an extension on the bill while the insurance paperwork goes through.

Travel Insurance

This process can take a few months, so it’s important to contact the hospital every month to let them know the status of the application.

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medical insurance

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