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Flamenco is a Spanish dance with origins in Andalucia

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About Flamenco


Flamenco is a Spanish dance with origins in Andalucia.
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Flamenco is a term that refers both to a musical genre, known for its intricate rapid passages, and a dance genre characterized by its audible footwork.

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The origins of the term are unclear. The word Flamenco, which applies to the song, the dance and the guitar, did not come into use until the 19th century. Termlife Insurance

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Flamenco embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. Although considered part of the culture of Spain, flamenco actually originates from one of Spain's autonomous regions: Andalucia. Travel Insurance

It is generally acknowledged that flamenco grew out of the unique interplay of native Arabic, Andalucian, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures that existed in Andalucia prior to and after the Reconquista. Healthcare insurance

Latin American influences have also been important in shaping different rythms of flamenco like for example Rumba, Colombianas, Guajiras or Milongas. medical insurance

Flamenco was the music of the gypsies and was played in their social community. Andalucian people who grew up around gypsies were also accepted as "flamencos".

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Flamenco can also be a great source of exercise because it requires a lot of body movement and through those moves "bailaores" express lots of different emotions.

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  Flamenco guitar

Flamenco music styles are called palos in Spanish. There are over 80 different palos flamencos, although some of them are rarely performed. Termlife Insurance

A palo can be defined as the musical form of flamenco. Flamenco songs are classified into palos based on several musical and non-musical criteria such as its basic rhythmic pattern, mode, chord progression, form of the stanza, or geographic origin. The rhythmic patterns of the palos are also often called compás.

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A compás (the Spanish normal word for either time signature or bar) is characterised by a recurring pattern of beats and accents. visa insurance

  Some of the forms are sung unaccompanied, while others usually have a guitar and sometimes another accompaniment. Some forms are danced while others traditionally are not. Amongst both the songs and the dances, some are traditionally the reserve of men and others of women, while still others could be performed by either.
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