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  • Zette postpartum care Date:2011-07-23 15:44:39 Hits:117 Good:18

    Zette is on a 33,000-square-fee t property and consists of five buildings dedicated to offering the best postpartum care possible for both mother and child. Our buildings include indoor walkways that are designed to ease the minds of nervou...

  • Qin Chinese - Shanghai Life Insurance Planner Resume Date:2011-07-14 18:59:48 Hits:95 Good:9

    Qin Chinese - Shanghai Life Insurance Planner Resume Personal Information Name: VictorQin Senior Insurance Consultant - Professional Home Security Concept Phone: 13761630213 (please call) Shanghai China E-mail address: Q...

  • Cross Border Healthcare (CBH) Date:2011-07-12 19:57:41 Hits:167 Good:1

    Overview Among today's health conscious society, seeking healthcare treatment in a foreign country should be made as easy as seeking treatment in ones' own country. Medilink-Global thus offers cross border healthcare solutions to all eligib...

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Date:2011-07-12 19:54:46 Hits:145 Good:1

    Treatment Facilitation Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM includes a range of traditional medical practices originating in China. Among today's health conscious society, seeking TCM treatment is fast gaining popularity. TCM the...

  • Third Party Administration (TPA) Date:2011-07-12 19:46:02 Hits:119 Good:1

    Overview Medilink-Global is principally involved in providing Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) services by operating a state-of-the-art electronic healthcard network infrastructure to facilitate healthcare claims processing. Medilink...

  • HuaShan Worldwide medical center About Us Date:2011-07-12 19:38:06 Hits:186 Good:1

    As a century old hospital, Shanghai Huashan Hospital was founded in 1907. Huashan Hospital, previously known as the general hospital of the Chinese Red Cross Association, is an institution of tertiary medical care, as well as medical educat...

  • HuaShan Worldwide medical center The Geographical Position Date:2011-07-12 19:36:29 Hits:149 Good:0

    Map Pocket Hospital Card Add:No.12 Wulumiqi Zhong Road, Shanghai 200040, P.R. China Tel: (86)21-62483986 15th Tel: (86)21-52887250 16th Tel: (86)21-52887260 Fax: (86)21-62091692 E-mail: Map...

  • HuaShan Worldwide medical center Hypertension Date:2011-07-12 19:31:52 Hits:214 Good:15

    Background: Hypertension is one of the most common worldwide diseases afflicting humans. Because of the associated morbidity and mortality and the cost to society, hypertension is an important public health challenge. Over the past several...

  • HuaShan Worldwide medical center Outpatient Service Guide Date:2011-07-12 18:52:48 Hits:87 Good:0

    Outpatient Services Guide As HWMC emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to tertiary care, our treatment programmes are organized around illness and therapeutic regime. We have developed a number of specialty services which offer our pati...

  • Guidelines for New Patients Date:2011-07-12 18:49:36 Hits:64 Good:0

    If the first visit, a form of identification is required. And our registrator will help you finish the form. Thank you for reading!...

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