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Qin Chinese - Shanghai Life Insurance Planner Resume

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Qin Chinese - Shanghai Life Insurance Planner Resume

Healthcare insurance

Personal Information
Name: VictorQin
Senior Insurance Consultant - Professional Home Security Concept
Phone: 13761630213 (please call) Shanghai China
E-mail address:
QQ number: 107242375

Termlife Insurance

Major diseases:
Personal Website: (Shanghai insurance online)

Main Business: Children Insurance / education payment insurance / illness insurance / hospitalization insurance / liability insurance / employee group insurance.


shanghai insurance

Birth Year: 1981 ducation: Bachelor Height: 178CM
School: Southern University Specialty: Electrical Engineering Automation Foreign Language: National 6
Graduation Time :2004-5 Hobbies: Internet Marketing Account: Shanghai Baoshan
Work experience:

1,2004 / 05--2005/08: Apple laptops and HP notebook reliability design and development. global insurance
2,2005 / 11--2006/04: IPTV television set-top box software driver development. Travel Insurance

3,2006 / 04--2006/12: GSM mobile phone (Spreadtrum platform) software development.
4,2006 / 12--2008/06: phone R & D project manager.
5,2008 / 08 - today: life insurance business, health medical care market.
Goals and ideals: the same need your help
1. Help others, gain merit: to help each person through life to avoid the risk of continuation of love and responsibility;
shanghai insurance

2. Long operating life-long career: construction of Shanghai Life "first team" and establish a new image of the insurance;
3. Professional financial management, leading the industry: continuous efforts to grow in adversity for the industry leader.
Shanghai Life Insurance Supermarket

Healthcare insurance

Life insurance supermarket with the following features:
Our program from dozens of powerful life insurance / property insurance insurance company to the advantage of the industry to provide the most comprehensive, most cost-effective, most comprehensive insurance program for your personal, family, and businesses to provide comprehensive insurance services.
Many of our solutions provider, you can also select:
Life Insurance Company: If Taiping Life, China's people's health insurance, AIA life insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, Prudential Life Insurance, Hai Kang Life, livelihood insurance, Allianz China Life Insurance and so on. global insurance

Property Insurance: such as the Pacific, the Chinese people, insurance, AIG General Insurance, Winterthur, Sun Alliance, China and Thailand and so on.
C an be said that a combination of the world's best insurance companies.
Thousands of programs, specifically the most outstanding accident insurance group insurance, critical illness insurance, tourist visas, insurance, public liability insurance. Healthcare insurance
Allows you to comparison, the most peace of mind protection.
Specific services:
Life insurance planning, tax avoidance planning, retirement plans, health insurance, illness insurance, education insurance, travel visas child health, property of all, the tripartite responsibility, all works, goods transportation, public liability, employers liability.
global insurance

Qin Shanghai Life Planner (children's education money, old-age insurance, major illness, accident, term life insurance, family financial management)
Free hotline: 13761630213(Shanghai)

shanghai insurance

QQ: 107242375, Email:
Select Insurance ,select love!
Shanghai, please call my phone, should be free about free home insurance program

visa insurance

Victor (Qinhua)秦华 『Shanghai Insurance』Shanghai life insurance agent Shanghai Global Medical Insurance
Service:Healthcare/Education/Retirement/Diseases/Accidentcal/Group Insurance/
『Shanghai hotline』:13761630213, QQ:107242375,
选择保险事业 为了爱,为了一份坚定的承诺!MSN:
Shanghai地区请直接拨打本人电话,应约免费上门提供免费保险方案。>>      Get Travel Insurance By Credit card>>        Term Life Insurance>>     Shanghai Medical    
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