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  • Having a baby in China Shanghai Date:2011-08-01 16:11:41 Hits:143 Good:3

    Hi, Have any of you been pregnant and had a baby in Shanghai? How was the clinic? The docs? What I'm really asking is will I be ok having a baby there?! Also, does anybody know if you can buy Enfamil baby formula there? Thanks thanks thanks...

  • The Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) Date:2011-08-01 15:38:03 Hits:250 Good:2

    I n 1986, a group of expats formed a support network to help each other in Shanghai, and to learn more about the city and the people and culture of China. Today, the Shanghai Expatriate Association is one of the largest organizations of its...

  • Worldwide Medical Insurance Date:2011-08-01 12:04:31 Hits:183 Good:4

    Worldwide Medical Insurance with a Global Provider Network Coverage Starting at Less than $1/Day! FREE Travel Assistance Services Worldwide Medical Insurance: Why Do You Need It? Stepping out your front door and into a global journey can br...

  • AAB International Date:2011-08-01 11:46:40 Hits:199 Good:1

    Short Term Travel Insurance (Worldwide Medical) Coverage outside your Home Country Guarantee Issue Minimum 5 days to 12 months Long Term Travel Insurance (Worldwide Medical) Coverage outside your Home Country After departure, see Home Count...

  • Travel insurance Shanghai Date:2011-08-01 11:30:39 Hits:151 Good:8

    Travelling to Shanghai? Have you thought of your travel insurance? Accidents and illnesses cannot be prevented when travelling to Shanghai. Medical urgencies cannot only ruin your trip, but they can also dig a deep hole in your wallet. This...

  • How to insurance your risks in Shanghai Date:2011-06-27 00:33:15 Hits:169 Good:1

    Private Medical/Health Insurance Hospital and medical care are expensive in Shanghai so be well covered, especially if you have children. If you are included in your company's worldwide group health insurance scheme, you will usually enjoy...

  • How I Spent My Spring Festival Vacation Date:2011-06-26 22:43:35 Hits:133 Good:0

    By Chinese standards, Zhuji is a small city - only about a million people or so. One things for sure - it's notShanghai. Mine was the only non-Chinese face I saw the entire time I was there. People stopped in the street to stare at me. Once...

  • Daft Crew DJ Falcon: French Electro Shaman Returns to Shangh Date:2011-06-26 22:43:33 Hits:203 Good:0

    Daft Crew DJ Falcon: French Electro Shaman Returns to Shanghai A year after his first visit to Shanghai, Daft Crew DJ Falcon returns to Shanghai after extensive touring and he rides a wave of recent popularity of remixes of his huge party t...

  • Massage in Shanghai Date:2011-06-26 22:43:32 Hits:131 Good:0

    Massage in Shanghai is a favored leisure time activity among many of the City's citizens and nearly half million expats. There are so many types of massage businesses in this city, ranging from the upscale spas, leisure time bath houses and...

  • 10 "POWER FOODS" Date:2011-06-26 22:43:31 Hits:148 Good:0

    Salmon: Salmon is an excellent source of quality protein and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help your body function optimally. Spinach: Spinach is high in vitamins A and C as well as folate. It's a good source of fiber and it may also h...

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