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Daft Crew DJ Falcon: French Electro Shaman Returns to Shangh

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Daft Crew DJ Falcon: French Electro Shaman Returns to Shanghai


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A year after his first visit to Shanghai, Daft Crew DJ Falcon returns to Shanghai after extensive touring and he rides a wave of recent popularity of remixes of his huge party track "Together" which appeared on Daft Punk's Alive 2007 2xCD recorded in Palais Omniport Paris lat fall. medical insurance

When it comes to balancing tasteful production and catchy sample hooks nobody seems to do it better than the French house music producers. From the early days of ripping 80s workout video "Jane Fonda Workout" voiceovers for "Gym Tonic"to the super-sexed style of Kid Loco to the commercial collaborations with superstars like Madonna and Jacques lu Cont (Les Rhythmes Digitales) it's always been about tastefully filling a dancefloor with warm, thick basslines and almost kitschy filtered sample hooks. It's a combination that simply works and record labels outside of France such as Harry "Choo Choo" Romero and Eric Morillo's Subliminal Records have since taken the style in new directions without compromising production quality and taste.

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Daft Punk is definitive of French electro and they formed the Daft Crew to organize, produce and promote the ever-growing pool of talent in the French electronic dance music scene that were mostly working as independent, unsigned DJs and producers. Club BonBon hosts the Godskitchen Worldwide Party with Daft Crew's DJ Falcon on Friday February 29th. His second visit to Shanghai, DJ Falcon's highlight event is a kickoff to a blistering March party season with forthcoming visits by UKs hot new mashup act The Young Punx and New York house legend Harry "Choo Choo" Romero. global insurance

Music industry veteran DJ Falcon (Stephane Queme) came from Virgin Music's A&R group to work on producing tracks for Roule and in 1999 put his signature sound on Cassius' track "La Mouche" which went on to become a dance anthem in itself. But Falcon's collaboration "Together" with Thomas Bangalter on Together in 2000 truly launched his career as a producer/remixer. Together has that unforgettable gospel opening and that cheeky sample where a man says: "A time has come to make a decision. Are we in this thing alone or are we in it together?" which came from the 1998 film Pleasantville. The track has spawned many imitators and continues to inspire artists and DJs looking to recreate an uplifting party vibe. global insurance

A string of remixes including a bumping reworking with Harry "ChooChoo" Romero for Eric Morillo's Subliminal Sessions 2xCD followed. In 2002 Falcon hit it big with Together again on Roule with the track "So Much Love to Give". Like the original Together release, solid production quality with thick basslines and a catchy party hook -- the looped vocal "So much love to give..." left dancefloors afire.

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White label bootlegs made limited circulation and set the tone for new production direction and in 2004 Falcon hammered out the "Call on Me" track again with Bangalter, this time using the catchy hook from Stevie Winwood's classic track "Valerie"! The track remained uofficially released most likely to clearance issues with the Winwood sample until Eric Prydz cleared it with Data Records. But the dancefloor damage was done and "Call on Me" went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2004. Most recently Falcon and Bangalter's work gets the b-side reworking on another bootleg "Vive le France" (01/2007) and the electro heavy basslines of the original "Together" track are dirtied up to current dancefloor electro-house tastes. visa insurance

The deep, chunky electro basslines and twisted filter disco loops that characterize French house continue to hammer the dancefloors in Shanghai. Daft Punk's extended family Daft Crew headliner DJ Falcon is no stranger to the party and is responsible for main room madness at such parties as Pacha, Back to Basics and Tribal Gathering. DJ Falcon continues on the fatty bass and wild party loop tangent mixed with a heavy doses of electro-house beats on his return visit to Club BonBon, Shanghai. Termlife Insurance

For samples of Daft Crew DJ/Producer DJ Falcon be sure to check out his page on at and for a taste of the international flavor of French Electro-House check out the party on Friday February 29, 2008 at Club BonBon. A free ticket promotion is underway, visit for details on how you can win free tickets to party down with DJ Falcon!

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  • Club Bonbon, Home of Godskitchen China
  • 2F - 3F YunHai Tower, No. 1329 - 1331, HuaiHai Road
  • Reservations: 133 2193 9299

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